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Quality Dog Food

The food you give your dog plays a critical role in their well-being, both on a daily basis and long-term. They need a diet with the right nutrients to keep them active, happy, and healthy. And make no mistake: Not all dog foods are created equal!!

My dogs receive high quality food and a variety of it. I do not like eating one food everyday and I am certain they would not like that either. My puppies are started this same way and by the time they leave my home they have had at least 4-5 different flavors and/or brands of dog food. In my opinion, this helps to build their stomach tolerance and provides them the best nutritional support in the weeks they are here.

My dogs are fed "Force" by The Honest Kitchen ( in the morning (this is a dehydrated raw food) and a variety of kibble products in the evening.

Two great resources I utilize when deciding what to feed my dogs are (some costs to get to detailed reports) and (free). The Dog food advisor also provides dog food recall information and you can sign up for a free alert for these. Both of these companies do frequent research of dog food and list qualities to look for when considering a food to feed your dog.

Remember Quality is so important, so purchase the best food you can afford. I would much rather spend a little more for quality food and have a healthy dog for a longer time than save money and then spend it at the vet trying to counteract conditions that may have been preventable with quality food.

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