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Welcome to My Little Dachshund Heaven &
Liz "Pawsible"  Pet Nutrition & Supplements

What started out as a dachshund breeding business for me has turned into so much more!  Breeding will always be my favorite thing to do in my life, however, I have found another love over the last three years and that is helping people help their pets to thrive and live long, healthy, and happy lives using proper nutrition and holistic health supplements.  

Originally, I was managing two separate websites, but since my dachshunds are my best example of thriving and healthy dogs, along with my cats and goats, why not combine the websites and share all the information in one place.   


This will help people that are just starting out with a puppy prepare for their future puppy and ensure that they are set to live a long healthy life where they thrive instead of just survive through their lifetime.  And in addition, this will give me more time to focus on my pet parents and their pets, my pets and puppies, and my continuing education so I can always provide you with the most up-to-date information.  

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